Welcome to Faith Apostolic  Ministries

Mark 16:17

And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues

The History of Faith Apostolic Ministries

Faith Apostolic Ministries was the name that was Birth in my Spirit in March 2020, after giving God a "REAL YES" to answering the call to "Pastor" his people in late August 2018.

After much Prayer and Fasting, making sure that it was I (Von Brand), that God was calling to fulfill such a big assignment. In May of 2020 I stepped out by Faith, and opened the doors to Faith Apostolic Ministries, at one of the local hotels in their conference room. Again, God gave us great favor! That was just another sign that Yes, it is "You" that I have called and to assure me that he is "Truly" with me.

As I watched the Ministry increase more and more, I went back into prayer and within 9 months, the Lord lead us to a new building to house his people in. 

We're an Apostolic Ministry that believes in the 5 Fold Ministries & Offices which are: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.'

We are being lead by the Spirit of God, in which his Glory rest heavily over this Ministry. 

Many lives have been saved, delivered, and set free by the power of the Holy Ghost. I am Senior Dr. Von Brand, the servant of this house. 

We are in covenant fellowship with our covering, Senior Pastor Dr. Lovan and Apostle Elvin Sands, of Chosen Vessels Deliverance Ministry International in Nassau Bahamas.

Days of Service

Sunday Morning Worship Service

Intercessory Prayer @ 9:30am

Sunday Morning Worship @ 10:00am

Bible Study

Wednesday Night @ 6:30pm 

Please Contact administration for the platform in which it will be given.